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Real Estate Inspection

As a personal service to Michigan-area residents that is seldom offered by other firms, VanderWeele Design Consultants, P.C. regularly provides real estate investigations prompted by structural concerns, including cracked or settled walls, floors or roofs; termite, wind or fire damage restoration; Federal Housing Administration (FHA) modular foundation inspections; and in some cases, expert investigation in legal cases involving personal injury.

The map below shows the areas where we wil inspect properties. A larger PDF map of our inspection area with our fee schedule is available.

Vanderweele Design offers real estate inspections in the areas shown surrounding Kalamazoo, Michigan. Click image for a larger PDF version of this map.

Planning a site visit

Our initial site visit usually consists of a visual review of the structure’s conditions and is charged at a base rate per a posted fee schedule. Attached is a map (and description locations) showing fees based on the distance from our office.

Starting the process:

  1. Download inspection agreement form.
  2. Complete and sign form to authorize work.
  3. Fax or e-mail us the completed form.

*Please be aware that no work can begin before we receive the completed form.

Inspection Fees:

Our inspection fees are based on the following areas of service and their distance from our Kalamazoo, MI office:

Inspection Fees By Location
$350 Inspection Fee Area
Kalamazoo County All
Calhoun County 11 Mile Road - West
H-Drive S - North
M-66 - East (South county line to H Drive South)

St. Joseph County
M-86 - North (Three Rivers, Centerville)
M-66 - West
Cass County M-60 - North (Jones, Cassopolis)
Decatur Road - East
VanBuren County M-51 - East
CR 215 - East (North of I-94)
Barry County M-43 - West (to Delton)
Pine Lake Road - South
Allegan County M-222/116th Avenue - South (To Allegan)
M-40 - East
$450 Inspection Fee Area
Calhoun County 11 Mile Road - East
H Drive South - South
M-66 - West (South county line to H Drive South)
St. Joseph County M-86 - South (Three Rivers, Centerville)
M-66 - East
Cass County M-60 - South (Jones, Cassopolis)
Decatur Road - West
VanBuren County M-51 - West
CR 215 - West (North of I-94)
Barry County M-43 - East (to Delton)
Pine Lake Road - North
Allegan County M-222/116th Avenue - North (To Allegan)
M-40 - West
Branch County All
All others beyond 50 miles from our office please call for estimate.





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