Architectural Design in Kalamazoo, MI

Designing a building that’s both efficient and appealing to the eye requires a strong architectural experience. VanderWeele Design Consultants will make sure the design of your building will stand out from the crowd.

Types of buildings and service area

church inside

Third Christian Reformed Church

From strip malls to multi-use office buildings, our staff has experience creating aesthetically-pleasing designs for a variety of buildings. We’ve designed churches, government buildings, fire stations and more. Our clients range from small businesses to the government. You’ll see many examples of our architectural design throughout Kalamazoo, MI, including:

  • Kalamazoo’s Third Reformed Church
  • Prairie Edge Christian Reformed Church
  • White Pigeon Paper Company
  • Seelye/Wright Automotive
  • Autobody USA

It’s possible that you’ve also seen our work at fire stations and government buildings throughout the Kalamazoo area. We service all areas within a 50-mile radius of Kalamazoo. If you aren’t based in Kalamazoo but are looking to have a building designed in areas like Battle Creek, Portage or Wyoming, you’re in luck!

Toyota Crossdeck Expansion

Toyota Crossdeck Expansion

Full-service design

Our staff at VanderWeele Design Consultants don’t want to just design a building for you. Our full-service design services take into account building studies to measure capacity and material flow. We do not want to sacrifice your building’s efficiency or the timeliness of your project. If you’re looking at redesigning your building from the ground-up, we’d love to bring your vision to life.


Whether you’re looking to redesign an existing building or build a new one from scratch, we have the experience to assist you above and beyond the highest standards of quality. Our staff does more than design buildings that look visually pleasing—we work with our customers from conception to fruition, for a cohesive development that’s built to stand the test of time.

Most importantly, we guarantee our work to be safe and efficient. If you’re looking for an architect in Kalamazoo, MI, give us a call today at 269-372-7227.