Real Estate Inspection in Kalamazoo, MI

Do you have a structural concern with your property? Are you wondering if your building may need some repairs? Gives us a call, and we’ll come check it out for you. Unlike many other firms in the area, VanderWeele Design Consultants frequently provides real estate inspection to make sure your property is safe.

Structural Concerns

inspectionOur staff has experience handling property concerns associated with various factors, including:

  • Cracked or settled walls
  • Damaged floors or roofs
  • Termite damage
  • Wind and fire damage
  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) modular foundation inspections
  • Expert investigation in personal injury legal cases

In order to have a member of our staff conduct a site visit on your property, you must sign an inspection agreement form.


We serve many surrounding areas in Kalamazoo, MI. We have two main fee areas priced according to the distance from our Kalamazoo office. Although we primarily serve areas within 50 miles of Kalamazoo, you can call us to receive an estimate if you live outside the initial coverage area.

$350 Inspection Fee Area

  • Kalamazoo County
  • Calhoun County (11 Mile Road – West, H Drive S – North, M-66 – East [South county line to H Drive S])
  • St. Joseph County (M-86 – North, M-66 – West)
  • Cass County (M-60 – North, Decatur Road – East)
  • VanBuren County (M-51 – East, CR 215 – East [North of I-94])
  • Barry County (M-43 – West, Pine Lake Road – South)
  • Allegan County (M-222/116th Avenue – South, M-40 – East)

$450 Inspection Fee Area

  • Calhoun County (11 Mile Road – East, H Drive S – South, M-66 – West [South county line to H Drive S])
  • St. Joseph County (M-86 – South, M-66 – East)
  • Cass County (M-60 – South, Decatur Road – West)
  • VanBuren County (M-51 – West, CR 215 – West [North of I-94])
  • Barry County (M-43 – East, Pine Lake Road – North)
  • Allegan County (M-222/116th Avenue – North, M-40 – West)
  • Branch County
service area

If you’re looking for someone experienced in performing real estate inspections in Kalamazoo, MI, call us today at 269-372-7227.